Music Makes The People Brunch Together

Weekend brunch is a sacred institution in New York City. Whether your gaggle of friends wants to recap the epic evening you had the night prior or you’re celebrating a momentous family occasion, brunch is truly for everyone.


Roxy Bar is now adding live music to the mix starting at 12PM so your brunch plans don’t miss a beat. Now while you’re drizzling maple syrup over your brown butter pancakes or spinning around your oyster sampler plate, renowned New York jazz musicians will be setting the soundtrack to your Saturday and Sunday afternoons.


Upcoming performers include Helio Alves, Hector Martignon, Itai Kriss, and Eitan Kenner. Music plays on from 12PM – 2:30PM and reservations are encouraged. Book your table now for weekend brunch in TriBeCa on RESY.